DEC papertape 5x5 font ?

Klemens Krause krause at
Thu Feb 26 10:02:49 CST 2015

Jos Dreesen wrote:
> Anyone has the DEC font, as used to mark their papertapes, ready in 
> machine readable format  ? ( C include file preferred )
> The 8x6 format I use now just does not have the right look to it.

DEC used different fonts for labeling their paper-tapes:
On my original
"DEC-08-YPPA-PB 11/10/69"
most characters are in 5x6, except the zero which is
7x6 and "-" which is 3x6:

between every character are 2 empty steps.
on the same tape there is also a copyright message in proportional
4x5 / 3x5 format.

On my original "802 RIM 9/1/65 CHECKERBOARD - HIGH"
they use a different proportional font:
  8 is coded 5x6, 0 is coded 4x6, I is coded 3x6.

Then there is a program "LABEL.BN" which I use as device-driver
to label my programs, this uses a fixed font 4x6.
For this program I have the PAL-source.


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