SIMH DG Nova and real serial port

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Sat Jan 31 08:33:58 CST 2015

On Jan 31, 2015 4:56 AM, "shadoooo" <shadoooo at> wrote:
> In other words, I would need to use SIMH connected to a real serial port:
is it possible?

Hi Andrea,

I've been doing this a lot recently with the PDP-8 emulator (v4.0.0), so I
don't see any reason it wouldn't work with the Nova emulator.

I've turned on the auxiliary teletype telnet port with the notelnet option
and tied it to a pseudo TTY with socat. This has worked quite well for any
of my programs I've concocted to talk to the emulator.

Another option, which I've done as well, is talk directly with sockets. It
should be pretty easy to rewrite your Python program to use socket writes
instead of serial.

Let me know if you need any more specifics.


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