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Subject: PDP 11/03
From:    "jwsmobile" <jws at jwsss.com>
Date:    Mon, November 9, 2015 6:48 pm
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> I'm looking for a cable or cable pinout to get the console of this 11/03
> going.  I figure to ask the simple question here rather than dig my self
> a hole trying to puzzle it out or guess the solution.
> http://jimsoldtoys.blogspot.com/2015/11/pdp-1103-system.html
> It has a M7940-YA DLV11 controller.  I hope to get it working and run
> thru some testing of the other boards I've accumulated and sell one back
> off to end up with a working system.
> I'll probably be in the market or need to try to set up a floppy drive
> as this appears to have a floppy controller to also have a bit more
> functionality.
> Right now ODT and some fun would be nice.
> thanks
> Jim
> http://jimsoldtoys.blogspot.com/2015/11/pdp-1103-system.html

I have the same chassis and pretty much the same cards as yours, awaiting time to
redo the supply for 240V and check it out.
I could not find a PDF for the M7940 (mine is the -M version) but did find this
page: http://hampage.hu/dr/dlv11.html

I'm interested in replicating the 11/03 running LSX in this interesting video:
I've paused and noted down the cards in that box and have slowly been acquiring them
over recent months.

Still looking for the 2RU bezel for mine...  could fabricate it from styrene I guess,
but that would be another priority -1000 project.


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