VT100 - FUN

rod rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 10 11:14:26 CST 2015

See my previous email - I did do it that way round-
my memory for detail in the distant past is not as good as it was


On 10/11/15 15:42, tony duell wrote:
>> They were for video in and out. You could sync the VT100  to a feed of
>> mono video and the overlaid
>> picture would appear on the screen and at the video out connector.
> Actually, I beleive (confirmed by the VT100 tech manual and schematics)
> that you have to sync the external video to the VT100 and not the other
> way round. In other words, you take the signal from the Video Out socket,
> extract the sync, then use that to sync the video source (camera or whatever)
> that you feed into the Video In socket
>> The only secret was you had to set it for 50Hz .
> It works perfectly well with the VT100 set to 60Hz, provided that is the vertical
> rate of the external video source.
> -tony

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