A stored collection piece is a Schrodinger's cat

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Sun Nov 29 13:08:47 CST 2015

When I joined DEC our field service guys would go out armed with a 745 
Tektronix scope (wonderful piece of kit), tools, spare TTL, soldering 
iron and so on.  If you look at the boards from those days you could get 
the components out and change them.
Flip - Chip Modules I love 'em.

At that time DEC only hired  engineers and then we got trained in sales. 
So you could normally hold your own with the field service guys. On day 
I took in a board I had wired up myself and asked if I could use the 
bench where they did  board repairs.  Usual comment 'OK which customer 
are you doing a favour for this time'

So I owend up said  I wired it. The answer came back oh if its a 
personal job it gets top prioriy.
You can use what ever equipment you want and take whatever components 
you need.
I often borrowed a scope ove the week end.

I gathered that a number of DEC products were the result of engineers 
having an idea and putting it together at home from scrounged parts.


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>> Hi
>>       I had the exact same fault on my VAX.
>> I took one look at the PSU and ordered up another one pronto.
>> Trouble shoot in that small space no thank you.
>> It works just fine.  One day a VAX PSU guru will tell us how to fix it.
>> Rod Smallwood
> It *is* a fiendishly complex looking thing. The failure mode this time is slightly different to last time though, I intend to see what happens if I give it a completely dummy load, to see if it really is anything to do with the machine or not, there could be a short somewhere that is causing the PSU to shutdown.
> Regards
> Rob

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