papertape repair tape or kit wanted

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Nov 30 07:47:36 CST 2015

Hi Tony
              Did you say Data Dynamics?  I certainly knew them. I used 
to sell them LA36 print mechs.
It was run by two old guys called Tindale and Stabler. The factory was 
in Hayes and I used to drive
there from the DEC office in Ealing via Bombay (sorry I mean Southall).

Their stuff was very nice and the factory was always very tidy.
Their KSR using the LA36 print mechanics and  fitted with a reader/punch 
was really smooth in operation.
Now that would really be a find.

Rod Smallwood

On 30/11/2015 12:22, tony duell wrote:
>> punches and two keyboardless golfball typewriters.  I have forgotten
>> exactly what types they were. I think the punch said something like
>> BPRE on it and the readers did not match the rest of the system being
> Probably BRPE (normally pronounced 'Burpee') which is a high speed
> (something like 110 characters/second) paper tape punch from
> Teletype.
> IIRC the Teletype ones were in a grey all-metal cabinet with a lift-up
> lid. There was also a Data Dynamics version in a cabinet with a smoked
> perspex door and with a couple of pygmy light bulbs under the chad box
> to illuminate the front. That looks pretty but doesn't change the perfomance...
> -tony

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