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John Robertson jrr at
Fri Sep 4 01:36:59 CDT 2015

On 09/03/2015 8:45 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Marc wrote....
> HP 1000. Not only the standard 24 pin ROMs but the small 14 or 16 pin
> bootloader ROMs that Jay showed me at VCF. What would be a good ROM
> programmer that could read and write these  of older HP equipment ROMs?
> -----------
> The Data I/O 29B works perfectly for those old fusable link proms. With
> optional additional attachments, it can program more "modern" devices as
> well.
> I have a list of the various blanks needed for 21MX loader roms, and the two
> different blanks needed for microcode. I'll dig that up and post tomorrow.
> J

One can pick up a Data I/O 29B and Unipak II off eBay starting around 
$100USD (ish) Make sure it powers up before buying it with no error 
messages showing. Seller should show picture of the display with the 
model and revision code showing.

There is a very good support group on yahoo groups:

They have an extensive file system and I have some Data I/O stuff too here:

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