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On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, Jay West wrote:

> Marc wrote....
> HP 1000. Not only the standard 24 pin ROMs but the small 14 or 16 pin
> bootloader ROMs that Jay showed me at VCF. What would be a good ROM
> programmer that could read and write these  of older HP equipment ROMs?
> -----------
> The Data I/O 29B works perfectly for those old fusable link proms. With
> optional additional attachments, it can program more "modern" devices as
> well.
> I have a list of the various blanks needed for 21MX loader roms, and the two
> different blanks needed for microcode. I'll dig that up and post tomorrow.

    From my notes on upgrading my 2109E to run RTE-6/VM:

    "I used a Data I/O 29B programmer to burn the PROMs, with a Unipak 2B. 
The blank PROMs were variously Signetics N82S141, MMI 6341-1 and National 
74S474. Along with the 12821A HP-IB board, you also need a Boot Loader 
PROM, 12992H (12992-80004). The boot loader PROM is a Signetics N82S129 or 
equivalent. For installation information about the firmware PROMs, see 
manual 12791-90001 (HP 1000 M/E/F-Series Firmware Installation and 
Reference Manual). For boot loader information, see manual 12792-90001 (HP 
12992 Loader ROMs Installation Manual)."

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