3B2 Diagnostics

Seth Morabito lists at loomcom.com
Sun Feb 28 10:20:30 CST 2016

Hi all,

There's an image of a 3B2 Diagnostics disk floating around, but
I'd like to try to confirm what model of 3B2 it was built for.

I'm trying to run the "filledt" program from this diagnostics disk on
my 3B2/400 emulator, and seeing some REALLY weird behavior.  There are
several ways to transfer control in the WE32100 CPU. You can CALL a
procedure, which saves minimal state; you can GATE to a procedure,
which is what interrupts to, and save more state; or you can CALLPS,
which is a full process switch and saves the most state. My simulator
can't run the "filledt" program because it is trying to CALL a ROM
routine that expects to have been GATE-ed to.  The procedure looks
back in the stack for the last saved PSW, which isn't there.

Sorry for the technical wall of text, but long story short: I don't
know whether there is a bug in my simulator leading to this behavior
(likely), or whether the 3B2 Diagnostics disk was built for the model
500 or 1000, which have totally different ROMs with different
procedures at different vectors.

Does anyone have a 3B2 diagnostics disk that is 100% verified to
have come with a 3B2/300 or 3B2/400?

Seth Morabito
web at loomcom.com

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