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Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at tin.it
Sat Jan 16 08:21:16 CST 2016

Yes, that can be done, but there are some issues... aka the psu must have some basic values for the lines, and finding one suitable can be a problem. Plus if I remember right you need to have the connector (in my case I don't have it), to swap it and tweak the cables (with the hope of not doing an error in the meanwhile).
The other issue (that at least applies to my case) is not being 100% sure that there were no damages to the boards caused by the busted psu

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The Fuel PS can be swapped for its PC counter part.  Wonder over to Nekochan.net and search for Fuel Power supply, there is a lot of info on this.  The p1 connector has to be resorted and the replacement PS has to have the fan monitoring and  that signal has to be adjusted to what L1 expects.  The motherboard has several environment monitoring ICs that, on the early revisions, go bad and keeps the computer from starting.  These ICs are/were available for the brave hearted to attempt the repair.  The later motherboards apparently don't suffer from the enviro monitoring failures as often.  Nekochan is a great resource, it was invaluable for me when I was building my Fuel.


On Friday, January 15, 2016, Jerry Kemp <other at oryx.us> wrote:

> Thanks for the comments.
> All this SGI discussion has me wanting to go out and hunt down a Fuel 
> even more.
> It sounds like I need to focus on finding one with a rev-4 or better 
> power supply.
> Its been some time since I have personally done any soldering.
> There's got to be some place, for a fee, that knows about and can 
> repair SGI power supplies.
> Jerry
> On 01/15/16 03:26 PM, Mazzini Alessandro wrote:
>> Sadly yes, there's a known issue with psu in fuels. I have one that 
>> went kaboom after 20 minutes and lies waiting for a psu since months 
>> (and will lie that way, I guess. I'm looking at it in a sad way near daily...).
>> Long story short, Fuel psu were made by 3 different brands, and each 
>> of them had ... longevity issues... in what we could say being 
>> revision 1 to 3.
>>> From 4 upward (and if I'm mistaken , at worst was from 3 upward) 
>>> they tend
>> to be resistant.
>> Exploding issues aside, those psu are not standard and have a chip 
>> doing some mumbo jumbo inside (all lines are monitored, by example). 
>> That chip can .. erase itself... ( in the upper mentioned revisions, 
>> for sure ). There are no known dumps of the chip firmware.

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