WANTED: PDP-8 KE8E Extended arithmetic element

Anders Sandahl anders at abc80.net
Fri Jul 22 08:44:28 CDT 2016

>You used to be able to find a set with connector blocks for $200 to $300
>range on EBay.  But I haven't seen any pop up for a couple of years now.

There are actually two individual board on eBay now, but the they are a
bit expensive, ~$250 each. The freight change is about $200 to Sweden for
each board (don't now if they combine chipping). I'll guess I have to pay
for customs as well...

>Keep an eye on machines.  These options were found in the variants of E's
>(F and M) and some A's.  You might have to buy another machine in order to
>get this option.

If I only could find one...

>Remember that you are looking for what I would classify as a fairly rare
>option on machines that are becoming rare now.  There are not a lot of
>these machines in service anymore.
>Good Luck!

Thanks, I know that those things starts to get really rare. I could live
with a broken set.


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