Restoring an RXV21 and/or an RX02

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Wed Jun 8 06:39:49 CDT 2016

In my quest for a working  RX02 I'm trying to find out the best way of 
checking out an RXV21 and get it talking to the RX02. I have most of the 
standard diagnostics including XXDP.

The setup is an 11/83 with an RX50 and RD53.  (I can boot from either)

In the box is

           MSV11-J PMI




They are in the order as above. The two dual height modules are in the 
right hand side of the back plane when viewed from the front.

I am unsure as if there is a utility for RXV21 among all the diags I 
have or  should I go in with ODT on a halted system and look at registers.

With the setup above I need to get the RXV21 going in order to check out 
the RX02.

The precise syntax of any commands is important because presuming I may 
have prior knowledge is not a good


I may have known this stuff in the past but I cant remember if I did or 


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