Restoring an RXV21 and/or an RX02

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Wed Jun 8 07:01:40 CDT 2016

 >Rod Smallwood wrote:

> In my quest for a working  RX02 I'm trying to find out the best way of 
> checking out an RXV21 and get it talking to the RX02. I have most of 
> the standard diagnostics including XXDP.
> The setup is an 11/83 with an RX50 and RD53.  (I can boot from either)
> In the box is
>           MSV11-J PMI
>           KDF11-B
>            RXV21
>            RQDX3
> They are in the order as above. The two dual height modules are in the 
> right hand side of the back plane when viewed from the front.
> I am unsure as if there is a utility for RXV21 among all the diags I 
> have or  should I go in with ODT on a halted system and look at 
> registers.
> With the setup above I need to get the RXV21 going in order to check 
> out the RX02.

You did not specify the backplane.  I am going to assume
a BA23 box.  Since both the RXV21 and the RQDX3
are dual modules, and the first three slots are ABCD,
you do not need (and should not have) a bus grant
(M9047) beside the RXV21.  So while the RXV21
is in the AB portion of an ABCD slot, the RQDX3 is
in an ABAB or Q22 slot.  That is what is supposed to
be the situation.  If you add a TK50, then that controller
will be placed into the 4th slot beside the RQDX3.

As long as the RQDX3 is immediately below the RXV21
and the RQDX3 is working, then you should be able to
check the IOPAGE registers on the RXV21 while you
are running RT-11.  Either use ODT or SD.SYS if you
are running V05.05 of RT-11 or later.

Other than that, I can't help much with the RX02 drive.
The only thing that I can think of is that the cable between
the RXV21 and the RX02 is installed incorrectly.  I seem
the remember doing that once or twice.

Other hardware individuals can help much better that I can.

Jerome Fine

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