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Sun Dec 16 01:36:29 CST 2018

Well what a response. 
This stems from my (so far) successful major over haul of my PDP-8/e.
I found one failed 7474 and one failed 8881 – replaced and now working.
I think I have the rim loader toggled in and will attempt to send a paper tape image from Hyperterm
Strangely I do have at least three genuine complete 4k memory sets.

The eightstoration will continue.

However I began to think would it be possible to create a close copy of an  8/e out of  modern parts.
As you all know I make front panels so that’s not a problem. 
I did manage to copy my (distorted) bezel in resin.
A friend has been able to 3D print toggle switch leavers that fit and work.
Vince Sylngstat has done a console board PCB  layout.
Power supply clearly not a problem.
So what’s left? Case?  
Well I have one of those and I suspect a sheet metal shop would not have a problem

Finally the big one – Omnibus and the connectors its made from. A 3D printing candidate?
I’m going to autopsy a busted connector and see how they are constructed inside.

The basic board set as original. M8300, M8310, M8320 etc.
Same form factor
Plug compatible – but board contents can differ from original

The idea is replace one item at time until you no longer have any DEC parts.
Yup a FAKE-8

I may even need a label “No part in this PDP-8/e computer was manufactured by digital equipment corporation”

Rod Smallwood
digital equipment corporation  1975-1985

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