More old stuff incoming

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Wed Dec 19 06:35:22 CST 2018

> Absolutely. No disagreement there at all.
> But because the kit is mysterious to them, they're willing to spend
> money to get it and explore it.
> Same as people are now actively seeking late-era fast 486s and early
> Pentium-era boxes, for Win9x gaming. A lot of games didn't make the
> transition to the NT-based Windows era, and for them, period kit is
> the best way to play them.
> I personally think it's barking but then I am not much of a gamer.
> > Are you feeling old yet?
> Nah, I'm used to it.
> --

486 / early pentium computers have their own support challenges, both
hardware and software.  The skills differ from the XT era PC clones and
such.  This is definitely a vintage era of it's own, I call the GUI era to
differentiate it from the WWW era that followed it.  The broader GUI
vintage includes all Windows/MAC, Amiga, NeXT, SGI desktops made for home
use, desktop publishing, mouse-driven applications, LAN comms, and before
widespread Internet communications.  The GUI era would have its origins in
the 70's but it's heyday would be 1985-95.

To that end, there are some tough to find GUI era items that were trash 10
years ago that get a lot of $$ on Ebay now.  Color adapter for NeXT,
certain Soundblaster cards for thr 486 PC, first gen Pentium 60/66
machines, Working / complete and functioning Novell network demos, BE
boxes, MAC Ivory systems, etc.



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