New takes on XT-IDE, a new FDC, and a new CM/S GAL WAS: RE: More old stuff incoming

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Wed Dec 19 14:35:29 CST 2018

> I thought that seller had permission?

I don't remember what license, if any, Sergey chose for his work. Perhaps
it's in compliance. In any case, it's not a new design -- Sergey's wasn't
either, it was an improvement on the N8VEM XT-FDC project.

I intend on redoing Sergey's design, with permission, at some point in the
not too distant future. Personally, I want a DC37 and both card edge and
pin header internal 34-pin connections, so that I can drop the board in as
a replacement for a PC or XT floppy controller without changing cables. As
with the XT-IDE, onboard serial doesn't seem like much of a feature to me.

I've avoided redoing any of Sergey's designs as he'd contacted me some time
ago asking how the kit thing was working out with XT-IDEs. It'd sounded
like he intended to maybe run some of his designs and provide kits and/or
assembled+tested boards for hobbyists. I probably ought to reach out to him
and see if that's still the case or not.


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> On Wed, 19 Dec 2018, Ali via cctalk wrote:
> > Has anyone seen these before? They seem to be a new take (just a shrink
> > down) of the XT-IDE and an FDC controller that supports single density
> > (FM) and 2.88 ED drives (along with the usual PC stuff). The FDC is
> > interesting. I would have liked to have seen it be more like a CCIV w/
> > four drive support and addresses but given that most FDCs will not
> > support FM this is a great step forward.
> >
> SOME FDC will support FM.
> SOME FDC can sorta do 128 byte sectors.
> It looks nice, but,
> I want a DC37 external connector, instead of the serial.  Or use a header
> for serial to give space for the DC37.
> Or (would require moving stuff around a little, or a taller board), a
> second 34 pin header, and a DC37 on a bracket with short cable.
> Serial are a dime a dozen.  IBM gave away FREE serial (and 20mA!) card
> with XT, just to keep us from plugging anything into the 8th slot!
> (OK, that one from IBM wasn't as fast as current, . . . )
> Chances are real good that it already supports 4 drives, other than the
> connector.
> Trivia mods should be able to enable 3 drives, with "standard", instead of
> IBM "twist" cable.
> And NOT by repurposing SIDE SELECT like Radio Shack did for their fourth
> drive!
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