PDP-11/45 RSTS/E boot problem

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Mon Dec 31 19:15:13 CST 2018

> On Dec 31, 2018, at 6:32 PM, Henk Gooijen via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> Fritz,
> One thought crossed my mind, probably not an issue, but you never know.
> You mentioned that you have an RK11-C, *not* RK11-D.
> There are one or two bits in a register of the RK11 that have a different meaning/function, depending on the controller being a -C or -D. The RK11-C was quickly replaced by the RK11-D, but I guess RSTS would know the difference. Other guys here will be able to give a lot better light on this than me (Paul?)
> A Healthy 2019!
> Henk, PD8PDP

I did not know that.  If someone can point me to the description of the differences I should be able to say what RSTS will do with them.

If this matters it might be possible to patch the code. 

Did you specify overlapped seek in SYSGEN?  I don't remember if that exists for the RK driver, but if yes, that would control which of two somewhat different drivers is in the system.  Come to think of it, if the answer is "yes" it might be worth trying the experiment with "no" -- since INIT seems to work and that uses the non-overlapped drivers.


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