PDP-11/04 on eBay

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Sep 1 11:26:43 CDT 2018

For those who didn't catch it:


I have bought from this seller before (very happy with the results), but am
not otherwise affiliated.

The -11/04 is a nice UNIBUS starter/test machine (my UNIBUS board debug
machine is an -11/04). The CPU is a single (hex) board, and it's really simple
and straightforward - very easy to work on and fix. (You don't even need to
put it on an extender card! :-)

Depending on the backplane that's in the machine, it might be super-easy to
upgrade to an -11/34 (if it's a DD11-P, as many /04's are, just pull the CPU
card and plug in a set of /34 boards).

Not sure what's up with the M105/M7821; they aren't standalone cards, but go
with some other card (they are addressing and interrupt/vector
functionality). No idea what it was, though...


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