Teletype mod 40 PSU

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Sat Sep 8 19:25:45 CDT 2018

but the  materials of  the  belts  deteriorate that  hold them together I  have  been  told   by  tty  collectors...   verify?

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> alas most of the bands have desnigrated I understand... any working ones ? ed#

Dunno--I suppose if someone were dedicated enough, it wouldn't be
horribly difficult to fabricate a band, but I suspect that deep in some
dusty warehouse there are a ton of spares. WU used these printers quite
a bit. Probably easier to find than many old type trains.

The benefit, of course is that it printed fully-formed characters at 150
lpm--i.e. a true line printer, not a character printer masquerading as one.

I still have some technical documents that I did back in the day printed
with one of these.

I do recall that we wore the zeroes out more than the other characters,
but then, we printed a lot of dumps on the thing.


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