Portable terminals

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Tue Sep 11 10:34:51 CDT 2018

> Oh, yes, for a terminal emulator, it's total overkill.


> It's Android but it runs Linux, so it's a
> decent-keyboard-equipped totally flexible device which will talk to
> pretty much anything ever.

I am in complete agreement on this which is why I also suggested the Sony UX series (e.g. VGN-UX490). That is a full PC capable of running anything (including Win 7) in the palm of your hand. The KB is probably not as nice as the Gemini though based on what I read and the pictures. I just checked the prices and it seems that the prices on the UX have sky rocketed as well. This makes the Gemini a very good alternative for a full featured machine in your pocket if you have the cash.


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