Wanted: 360k floppy mechs

Jeffrey S. Worley technoid6502 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 01:56:11 CDT 2019

I am in the middle of refurbishing two drive controllers, a Percom At88
with doubler board, and a Percom At-88SPD.  Neither has mechs and my
search for them has been frustrating.  The mechs are like hens teeth
online, and when I find them they are insanely expensive.

I know there's gotta be a pile of them out there just rusting away. 
I'd like to give as many as four a good home.

Mechs I can use are, in order of desireability:  5.25" 40 track, double
-sided, 80-track double-sided, 40 track single-sided.

3.5" mechs (preferably with adapters for 5.25" mounting, have got to
have jumpers for drive number selection.  Most 1.44's will work on
these controllers as 720k drives if the right media is used, or,
better, if the drive has jumpers to force the density select.

I hate to bother with such a petty thing, but I could sure use some
help getting these things running.  They are nice drives.  I repaired
one already, and got it driving a broken MDD210, the only mech I have,
but that is so flaky it is of no use other than to let me know my
repairs have got the controller working again.



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