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John Klos john at
Fri Sep 4 18:00:03 CDT 2020

>> BTW - the pictures there are from the days of film cameras - that's how 
>> long ago I put it in that 1U. After recapping it a few years ago, it's 
>> back to being 100% stable.
> Given that there are plenty of new film camera available for sale, I’m 
> not going to hazard a guess as how long ago that was.  The photo’s I 
> took last weekend were on 35mm film.

I should've written that it was when film was the only real option unless 
you had money. I'd guess it was around 1998.

> Okay, I was wondering if this were how you’re using it.  This was just 
> about the only use case I could think of for a rack mounted A1200. 
> Have you considered virtualizing your build servers?

There are three issues with that:

One, I don't really trust x86, considering the Intel Management Engine and 
AMD PSP aren't openly documented, so I prefer to run important services on 

Two, emulation isn't perfect and there are occasionally edge cases which 
occur because of things that are ever so slightly off because of FPU 
accuracy or things like that.

Three, emulation is often not as fast as real hardware. A VAXstation 
4000/90a is about as fast as SIMH running VAX on a really fast x86, and 
m68k emulation is often slower than on a real m68060 because BSD requires 
an MMU, and that means that JIT can't be used.

> That’s a good question, I have four VAXstation 4000’s, the one /60 
> runs 24x7, the other /60, as well as the /90 and the /VLC need work.  I 
> know the VLC has power supply issues, though if I remember correctly 
> they’re with the bearings.  I don’t remember what’s wrong with the 
> other /60, and the /90.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the /90 
> working.
> I’d love to get one of the ones that isn’t running turned back into 
> a workstation.

Anyone? :D


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