DEC backplane power connectors

Tom Uban tom at
Thu Jan 28 07:36:56 CST 2021

I have a feeling there are two shell designs for the 6 pin. The one on my DD11-DF
that I want to mate has detents in the corners while the catalog picture for the 6 pin
on your part number shows a square in the center of the side. I'm pretty sure I've
seen that style 6 pin on some of my other DEC equipment, so I wouldn't say that
either shell is wrong just yet.

Once I have the ones I ordered in hand, I will let you know what I learn. Either
way, your site has very useful information and I am happy to be able to help add
to it one way or another.



On 1/27/21 5:03 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
>     > I may have gotten the wrong 6pin shell.
> I have this very vague memory of some similar connector shell, but I have no
> memory of what the difference is.
> I just checked the shells I have here, and they definitely fit onto the power
> harness on an -11/40; and the numbers on the Web page are correct.
> If yours arrives, and it works, please send me the number and I'll add it to
> the page. Actually, if it _doesn't_ work, send me the number, and I'll add a
> 'no not use xxx, it doesn't work' note.
>     Noel

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