DEC backplane power connectors

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Jan 28 13:39:04 CST 2021

    > I have a feeling there are two shell designs for the 6 pin.

Like I said, I have a vague memory of another keying design (I think it used a
ridge running parallel to the direction of insertion), but I don't think it's
from any DEC gear. There is definitely yet _another_ keying design, with
triangular sawteeth, but again, I don't think any DEC gear used that.

    > The one on my DD11-DF that I want to mate has detents in the corners
    > while the catalog picture for the 6 pin on your part number shows a
    > square in the center of the side.

Yes, the ones on the DD11-[C,D] (female shell, male pins) have 2 filled-in
corners, and the ones on the harness into which they plug (male shell, female
pins) have both the cutout corners (to match the filled-in corners on the
female shells), _and_ "a square in the center of the side".

As I said, I had verified that my female shells plugged into the male shells
on an -11/40 harness; I just went and checked, those males have the exact
identical shape to the ones I got (with the listed part number), including
both cutout corners and the square in the center of the side. (Oddly enough,
the 15-pin male shells used in that generation of DEC power connectors do not
have the square in the center of the side, just the cutout corners.)


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