Items Wanted

Eric Moore mooreericnyc at
Tue Jul 20 06:59:00 CDT 2021

> >> 11) ESDI disk emulator
> >
> > I am not aware of any such beasties in the wild.  MFM, yes, but I
> haven't seen ESDI.   I would love for such a thing to exist, thinking of my
> Apollo, 3B2 and IBM RT/PC workstations.
> I’d also love to have one of these, preferably using SD or CF cards.  The
> Webster WQESD/04 card is a fantastic card, it’s only downfall is that it
> works with ESDI drives, rather than SCSI, and they’re big and loud. :-)
> Zane
> is what I was thinking of. There are a
couple other commercial models out there on offer, no one seems to have one
though in the discord or apparently here :)


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