Compaq Deskpro boards/hard drives from the late 1990s

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> But at the same time I also acquired (pulled) from these same computers and their siblings a whole bunch of wired Ethernet network cards

I _think_ ISA ones are in more demand these days.

> one or two video cards,


> a whole bunch of the IDE/PATA 5.25-inch desktop CD drives

CD, or CDRW, or DVD, or DVDRW?

> and a whole bunch(!) of 10- and 20-GByte IDE/PATA 5.25-inch desktop hard drives

I consider this bit unlikely TBH. 5.25" *IDE* HDDs were _extremely_
rare. The 5.25" format was dead before IDE came along, and 99% were
3.5", except the Quantum Bigfoot range. Those were slow, unreliable,
but cheap. I have one, as a sentimental reminder of full-width hard
disk drives from the beginning of my career.

>  I believe the vintage makes them all PCI cards for the network and video cards.

You can't tell?! They don't even look similar. Google will give you
pics in seconds.

You will need to identify this stuff much more specifically. Makes,
models, capacities, speeds, etc.

E.g. nobody wants 10base-2 or Thick Ethernet cards much any more. UTP,
slightly more so: 10base-T, not much, 100base-T somewhat yes.

Plain old CD? Probably not. DVDRW? You might find takers.

Graphics: depends what. Early 3D cards are somewhat wanted.

Tiny IDE hard disks, probably not. CF-card is cheaper, faster and more reliable.

It's not worth a lot.

OTOH, those unique Compaq combined 5.25" + 3.5" floppy drives are
quite sought-after.

SCSI drives are quite desirable.

It's probably not worth a _lot_ but maybe a few hundred bucks if you
are specific and ship anywhere. Remember a lot of collectors are in
countries where this stuff is very hard to come by, and will pay top

But you need to be willing to be specific, list exact model numbers,
take photos showing ID labels, and ideally, to _test it_.

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