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> Well, what I have is this:
> SPSS/Pro introductory guide
> (2) SPSS/Pro for DEC professional/350
> SPSS-X User's guide, third edition (Think telephone book)
> 4 disks VOL NAME SPSSPRO1 (to 4)
> Hey, in one of the manuals there is an additional disk SPSS/Pro 
> I guess I can copy them on my Pro/380 to other disks, but does anyone 
> have a better way to make a spare copy? They are almost 40 years old at 
> this point...
> Interesting stuff.
> C

    There was also a SPSS-11 for RSX and your SPSS for Pro/350 would likely be a later version. A few years ago I bought the SPSS-11 manual from an Ebay seller. It looks like SPSS-11 ran a lot like the IBM OS/360 version in that it was feed a file of input and it produced a file of output (like a batch job). 

   The Pro 350 version was likely a bit more interactive and I would be very interested in getting a copy of it. As far as the best way to get a copy made, it would be great to read them on a M+ system that has TCP/IP or is at least connected to HECnet so the disk images could be uploaded somewhere. Also, the manuals would be of interest as well. The SPSS-11 manual I have is a relatively thin paperback book.



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