In search of RK05 rack caddy

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Sat May 8 22:19:50 CDT 2021

Fritz said
> Okay, now that my 11/45 is up and running well, I could really make good use of one of those rack caddies    for RK05 packs to hold my most commonly used system packs for different operating systems.  Anybody have one they'd be willing to sell/trade, or at least the DEC part number so I could try
to track down some drawings?
The rack for 14 RK05 cartridges was the DEC p/n H980-CC Disk Storage Rack, catalog# A-H980-CC.
It required 17" of shelf mounting space and cost $33.25 in 1978, shipping weight 7 lbs.
Two H980-CC's could fit one above the other in the H980-BA Media Storage Cabinet, Large
(73"H x 38"W x 18-1/2"D).

There were a number of other shelf and rack options: H980-CA Hanger Bar for Magtapes,
H980-CB magtape storage rack), DECtapes (wireframe H980-CK or rollout drawer H980-H),
RK06 Storage Rack (H980-CL), H980-CG Fixed Shelf for forms  and punched cards, the H980-CN
Data Binder Hanger for 14-7/8" printouts, the H980-CP Paper Hanger for 8-1/2" x 11" paper, the
H980-CE Hanger Binder Frame for printout binders, the H980CH Divider Kit and the H980-CF Storage
Drawer for utility storage. Also the H980-BB Small Storage Cabinet (61"Hx38"Wx18-1/2"D).


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