Apple II PSU

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Mon May 10 17:31:50 CDT 2021

Just me that reaches for a 2mm drill then? I realise people may react in horror at this, but your chances of getting swarf in the PSU are slim to negative. Oh and while you’re in there, please remove the 0.47uF RIFA before it explodes, assuming it hasn’t already of course in which case it’d be best to clean up the mess it left when it did.

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> On 10 May 2021, at 23:06, David Williams via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Anyone have any idea on how to open this particular Apple II PSU? It is a Astec AA 11040B and has like a rivet on each side in the middle. All the other supplies I've messed with just had screws along the bottom. Trying to remove the bottom of the casing so I can work on the supply itself. Link to a pic of it.
> Thanks for any help.
> David Williams

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