EMACS folly

Rich Alderson RichA at livingcomputers.org
Thu Dec 8 15:07:47 CST 2016

Hi, Lars,

I actually met someone once who tried to implement an interpreter for TECO code
in Emacs Lisp, in order to load EMACS.:EJ and run it, just for the hack value.
I don't know whether he ever completed the project. :-)

We have a VAX-11/780-5 (a 780 field upgraded to a 785) running VMS 7.3.  It's
hard to get to because some botnet is constantly pounding on it with 10 connections
per second, trying to break in.  It makes the LOGIN program time out on passwords.
If you would like to try bringing those up, use the account request form on our
web site and send me a note to let me know to look for the request.  I have not
been opening new accounts because of the frustration inherent in trying to log in.

I think I'm remembering the name correctly:  Pete Siemsen wrote a new PDP-11 TECO
back in the late 1980s which he presented at the DECUS Fall Symposia in Anaheim
(so 1988, I think).  After his talk, a couple of us suggested that he try adding
the MIT TECO features to his program, and he said he'd give it a try.  I don't
know what ever came of that.


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Rich Alderson wrote:
> Well, sure, if you load the suckit.el library, but that's optional.  It's
> faster if you load the compiled suckit.elc instead.
> I prefer the compiled TECO variant BITEME.:EJ, of course!

Loaded into GNU Emacs? ;-)

Hey, do you have any VAXen over there?  How about getting an early Emacs
running on those?  I turned the Internet inside out to find Gosling
Emacs, BTL Emacs, and GNU Emacs 15 and 17, and and it would be a shame
if the source code was just sitting idle.

Or how about TECO EMACS?  Only not on the PDP family you'd expect, but
the 16-bit flavor.

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