I hate the new mail system

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Mar 6 07:30:14 CST 2017

> My complaint (and I guess many more from other users will follow) is,
> that if you reply to a message on the list, the author of that
> message gets a private mail, too, as he is listed in the
> Reply-To:-field.

Only if you don't bother editing it down to whichever address you want
to reply to (as I did for this message).  If your user agent doesn't
let you do that, well, your choice of a crippled user agent (and an
inability to edit the list of recipients is a pretty serious failing
for a user agent) is not reason to mangle the list even further for
everyone else.

> This is *wrong* and must be corrected (i.e. removed)!

I disagree.

For one thing, that is one of only two places the actual sender's
address appears anywhere in the headers, based on the mail I'm replying
to (and the other one is in a Received: comment, even less available to
user agents and not present unless the sending mailsystem happens to
add it).

Mind you, I'd prefer the former state.  But I'm not about to criticize
Jay's handling of the lists when I'm in only peripheral touch with the
relevant issues; even the issue of the bounces I have only the smallest
experience with.  I haven't personally seen a subscription suspension
since I made my mailer accept-and-drop list mail it would normally
reject, which makes me think that the suspensions people are seeing are
probably due to the receiving mailserver rejecting the mail and should
be dealt with by the subscriber in question talking with the mailserver
admin in question and getting that sorted out.

> No, the Envelope-From: [...]

The envelope-from is not a header and in general does not have a name
with a colon after it.  (Your user agent, or possibly your mail store,
may be (mis)presenting it that way, but that's not how it's carried on
the wire and it is not handled that way in general.)

> And yes, the change in the address fields don't cure the bounce
> problem because the envelope from field is unchanged (and *that*
> field is used for bounces, not the header fields *within* the mail).

As I understand it, the attempt to "fix" the suspended-subscription
"problem" has nothing to do with where the bounces are going, but
rather with their being produced in the first place.  As far as I have
seen described on the list, nobody knows why the bounces are being
generated; there have been plausible guesses involving misguided
anti-spam measures, but even those I haven't seen any confirmation of
as the cause of any of the suspensions.  It's certainly possible I've
missed something, but the continuation of the discussion as before
seems to imply that's not it.

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