proper chemical / glue for 11/45 switch repair?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Feb 14 23:29:49 CST 2015

On 02/14/2015 08:50 PM, Jacob Ritorto wrote:

>    The fracture is clean and is such that they would fit perfectly back onto
> the main hunk of the switch plastic, like new, if l could find the right
> compound to get the pieces to re-meld into each other.  I guess model
> airplanes used to employ this sort of melding technique I'm describing in
> their construction, right?  But I have no idea of the chemistry involved --
> whether pdp11 switch plastic is compatible with that sort of glue.

An -11 owner would be able to say for certain, but the old model 
airplane solvent glue was methyl chloride.  It's also in a lot paint 
stripper as well.  "Tenax" model glue is a name that comes to mind.


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